Venue Search:

You've met your dream partner, now its time to start planning your dream day. Deciding where to get married is such an important decision as it can affect the whole style and feel of your wedding. You may have an idea of what type of wedding venue you are looking for, or you may have no idea at all! That is where we can help.


Crystal Perfect can help you find your way through the maze of wedding venues and create a shortlist of venues that would be suitable for you based on your budget, style and guest requirements. This saves you lots of time and worry, endlessly searching on the internet or attending venue viewings for places which turn out to be unsuitable. We can do all the hard work for you. 


If you wish, we can also attend the venue with you to offer our advice and creativity.  Together we can decide on your dream venue.


Once you have chosen your venue, we will negotiate the best possible cost with the venue and check all the contracts before being signed. Some couples may be too unsure or embarassed to ask questions of the venue or to negotiate the figures. With our expert help, we can save you money as well as time and worry. 


Venue searches will be charged on an hourly rate of £50.00 per hour. A full quote will be given after the initial meeting.