The very important subject of bridal shoes

Remember the scene in the Sex and the City movie when Carrie has to go back to the empty apartment to collect her never worn Manolos? That action leads to her meeting Big again and ultimately brings her and Big back together. Who knew that shoes could be that important in our lives? For most, having the right pair of shoes doesn't make you meet Mr or Mrs Right, as when looking at wedding shoes you have already found them. But choosing the right pair of shoes for your wedding can mean the difference between a day of walking on clouds or a day of hobbling in pain. And no bride wants that. So at Crystal Perfect we've been having a look at how to choose your bridal shoes.

One of the first things to think about is whether you choose your shoes or your outfit first. Some brides already have a pair of specially chosen shoes, like a lustworthy pair of Jimmy Choos or Laboutins that they really want to wear for their wedding and plan their outfit around them. For others, they choose their outfit or dress and then have to think about the best pair of shoes that would work.

With so many shoes to choose from how do you know what will work for your wedding day? First and foremost is what do you feel comfortable wearing. Are you comfortable wearing high heels or would a lower heel or flats be more your style? Also, do you plan on wearing the same pair of shoes through the day or are you thinking of changing after the ceremony into something more comfortable. For example, one of our brides had very high heels for the ceremony and photos but later on she changed into some soft wedges, the exact same heel height as her high heels but which were much more comfortable for dancing and standing later in the day. It also means you get to buy two pairs of shoes, instead of one and who could argue with that?

It is also worth considering what alterations you could save on your dress by wearing different shoes. It might be that by wearing a higher heel, you can save on a wedding dress length alteration. This also works for bridesmaids.

The location of your wedding is also a consideration. If you are getting married on a beach then perhaps a high heel is not a great choice as you may struggle to walk in the sand unless a more solid aisle has been put down for you to walk along. Garden weddings on grass can also be tricky for high heels as your heels can sink into the grass and get stuck. It can also ruin the heels of the shoes, which is something that you might not want if you wanted to wear the shoes again.

The time of year of your wedding can also be a consideration. If the wedding is taking place in the chillier months of autumn or winter, then closed toe may be more appropriate. In a spring or summer wedding, open toe or sandals might be preferable to keep your feet cool.

Shoe colour is also really important. To go back to Carrie, her shoes were a bright blue satin. Many brides are choosing these shoes for their weddding as their something blue and these work fantastic on photos. Traditionally, ivory or white shoes are work under a bridal gown but nowadays anything is acceptable. Some brides wear trainers, converse or doc martens. In fact converse have a whole range of wedding shoes if you're more into flats than heels. It really is a case of anything goes.

Whatever shoes you choose for your wedding do make sure they are comfortable and do not rub. We would suggest wearing them around the house for a few days before the wedding, to check that they don't hurt. You can also practice walking in them to check that you are able to walk in them. It would also be a good idea, if you are wearing a long bridal gown, to practice walking in your shoes while in your wedding gown. It can be tricky walking in a new dress and new shoes while all your friends and family are watching you, so having a practice first is a very good way to make sure you are not wobbly or stepping on your dress when you walk.

We hope that this has helped you start to think about your wedding shoes. Crystal Perfect Wedding Planner is here to help you with all aspects of your wedding planning and venue styling and setup and would love to hear from you at

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