Fresh or faux flowers - whats your vibe?

The decision of whether to use fresh or faux flowers for your wedding can be a confusing question. Faux flowers and foliage have come a long way from how they used to be. They look more real than ever and can be considerably cheaper than the fresh version. At Crystal Perfect we have been looking into the pros and cons of both options along with current trends so you can have a clearer idea of what you might like to choose for your wedding.


The first issue for many couples is budget. Fresh flowers and arrangements can be expensive and take a good proportion of the wedding budget. Faux flowers and arrangements are often cheaper and so some couples choose to use faux flowers to free up more of the budget for other things. For some couples having real flowers at their wedding is really important, for others it is less important, so having faux flowers can be an easy way to save some money. Faux flowers can also be hired for the day which can also be very budget friendly.

But, what about the luxury element? For some, their wedding day is not the day to save money, it is their day to do things that they they could not normally afford to do. For many, this includes lots of fresh flowers as it is something that they don't have in their homes on a day to day basis. So it does often come down to personal choice.

Wedding Styling:

At Crystal Perfect we work hard to bring our couples vision of what their wedding day will look like to life and flowers can be a big part of that. Some wedding venues really suits lots of dressing with flowers and greenery but for others simple arrangements can work well. In fact more and more couples are actually choosing to not have flowers at the venue at all and the only floristry is the bouquets and buttonholes for the ceremony. Traditionally floral arrangements have been used to decorate the church or ceremony venue and the reception venue including centerpieces on each table for the wedding breakfast. But this is changing. Some couples choose to use props as their centerpieces or items that are meaningful to them such a photos, books and even ornaments of their favourite animals. Anything really is possible!

If you have a lot of floristry as part of your wedding styling, using faux flowers can save on the budget and look as good as the real thing, especially for non close up items such as large arrangements or garlands down staircases. They also work really well around decorative items such as mirrors or photo booths especially when combined with led lights.

Whether candles are being used at the venue is also an important consideration as these can really affect fresh flowers and can cause them to wilt or even to turn brown during the day and evening.

The scent and look of fresh flowers:

Nothing beats the smell of fresh flowers in a room. So for an intimate ceremony and venue, fresh flowers can really bring the venue to life and can be an amazing sensory welcome for the guests. They also have the wow factor. However, now some companies are offering faux flowers with a scent and can be great for hayfever sufferers. For photographers fresh flowers work best in close up shots such a close ups of a bouquet so that could be something to consider if this is a photo you would like in your wedding album.

The timing of your wedding is also something to consider. Do you long for peonies, but only roses are in season on your wedding day? Choosing a fresh flower out of season can be costly. Faux flowers are available all year round and in any colour. Having all possible options when it comes to choosing flowers can be really appealing to couples styling their wedding.

Wedding location:

If you are having a destination wedding, faux flowers can be chosen at home and packed in your suitcase ready to be used at your wedding. For some couples, this can be one less thing to have to worry about once they are there. Also if you are having a wedding a long way away from your home, seeing a florist miles away can be time consuming if you do not have a planner such as Crystal Perfect to assist you. So, faux flowers may be something to consider to take the pressure off.

Post wedding plans:

Would you like to keep your wedding flowers or are you happy for them to be a one day wonder? If you would like to keep your flowers for longer than a few days or give them as gifts, then faux is the way for you to go. Fresh flowers can be dried but this can be tricky to achieve a good result.

We hope that our round up of the pros and cons in relation to fresh vs faux flowers will help you when planning your wedding budget and styling. One other option instead of making the choice between the two options is to have a little bit of both at your wedding, then you really can get the best of both worlds.

Thanks for reading our blog. We'd love to hear from you with any comments or if you would like us to help plan your day or style your venue

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