By The Hour Assistance:

At Crystal Perfect we are happy to help with any aspect of the wedding, no matter how big or how small. This is why we also offer couples a "by the hour" assistance service. This is for couples who want a particular issue resolved or wish us to help with a particular task.


We offer our support, help and expert guidance with all and every aspect of wedding planning and charge by the hour for such services. 


For example, you may be having problems finding a DJ in your local area who is prepared to set up at the venue early in the day and then come back for the evening entertainment. We can take over this task on your behalf, find suitable DJ's, negotiate the best price and then provide you with a shortlist to choose from.


Or you may be struggling with finding centerpiece vases for your wedding breakfast tables. We can undertake research on your behalf, saving you valuable time and worry.


Our "by the hour assistance" is charged at £50.00 per hour.  A full quote will be given after the initial meeting.